About Romy

Qualifications & Registrations

Romy is a qualified Clinical and Developmental Psychologist (Cum Laude), Clinical Social Worker & Executive Coach.

B.A. (Soc.Wrk)(Wits) BA(Hons)(Psych)(SA)Med(Psych)(Cum Laude)(Wits)

Registered AHPRA and APS member


  Romy is a qualified clinical and developmental psychologist (registered with AHPRA and a member of the APS).   She began her career as a Clinical Social Worker, mainly working in the field of psychiatry and chronic illness (mostly cancer).

Romy decided to enter into psychology in order to equip herself with greater skills and to work deeper with patients.   Romy completed her Psychology Honours degree and obtained three distinctions. She completed her Masters degree in Psychology where she obtained Cum Laude. Her thesis on stress, evaluated the effectiveness of a cognitive-behavioral stress reduction programme. 

After completing her Masters degree Romy worked at a therapy centre where she saw many adolescent and adult patients as well as couples and families for therapy. In 1999 she was drawn to and began working in the field of employee assistance. For 3 years she worked for a multi-national and international employee assistance provider to large corporate organizations where she did telephone counselling and crisis intervention and also provided on-site counselling and debriefing to several corporate entities. She then joined a corporate consultancy (employee assistance provider) to a an elite global bank where she worked for 15 years and was solely responsible for operating an after-hours trauma line. She also provided extensive on-site and off-site counselling for employees in the areas of trauma, depression, relationships, substance abuse,eating disorders and all work related issues. 

Romy has regularly been asked to contribute to magazines and make guest appearances on various tv and radio shows . She has been in private practice for 18 years. She has worked with adolescents, adults and couples. She also renders services to Australian military veterans and their families.